Cairns Bakery – Joey’s Bakery

This Cairns bakery works hard to meet your needs and expectations. Joey’s Bakery has a motto, ‘we may work hard, but we love coming to work every day’ and that is reflected in all that we do.

As well as producing a great range of fresh breads and rolls daily, Joey’s Cairns Bakery has a fabulous selection of products to keep your family and tummy happy.

Breads and Rolls

Did you know that the process of making bread takes 4 to 5 hours, from start to finish? That’s why we get up nice and early five days a week, to ensure our bread is ready fresh for you, when you want it. Great selection. White, wholemeal, multigrain, rye and more. There’s bread and then there’s Joey’s.

Hot and Tasty

Joey’s Bakery has a fantastic range of pies to tempt your taste buds. Prepared using quality ingredients, you can choose between all the classic combinations of mince and pea, mince and mushroom, mince, cheese and bacon and more. Also available for catering.

Sweet Treats

Coffee and cake – yes we do! Joey’s Bakery has a truly delicious selection of cakes, pastries, slices, muffins and more. Got a hankering for a Fresh Cream Horn, Caramel Tart, Chocolate Brownie, Lamington or Apple Slice. Come and in see us, we have all of these ready fresh in store. Catering available.

Bread and Rolls

  • White Café
  • Wholemeal Café
  • Multigrain Café
  • Rye Café
  • Fruit Café
  • Ciabatta
  • Crusty Vienna
  • Crusty Frenchstick
  • Knot Rolls – All flavours
  • Ring Rolls – All flavours
  • Hamburger Rolls – All flavours
  • Hot dog Rolls – All Flavours


  • Vanilla Slice
  • Hedgehog Slice
  • Cherry Ripe Slice
  • Mars Bar Slice
  • Lemon Slice
  • Apple Pie
  • Custard Tart
  • Choc Mint Slice
  • Choc Brownie Slice
  • Fresh cream apple turnover
  • Caramel Tart | Caramel Slice
  • Lamington
  • Cheesecakes

The Hot Stuff

  • Beef Pie
  • Beef and Pea
  • Beef and Mushroom
  • Curry Beef
  • Chilli Beef
  • Beef , cheese and bacon
  • Beef , Cheese and tomato
  • Pepper Beef
  • Lamb and Rosemary
  • Lamb and Mint
  • Chicken Leek and Mushroom
  • Bacon and Egg
  • and more...

If you are looking for something in particular and can’t see it here, contact Joey’s Cairns Bakery today, we’d love to hear from you. Phone 4221 2485 or email

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