Cairns Cakes – Joey’s Bakery

Cairns cakes baked fresh daily (Monday to Friday and on demand) at Joey’s Bakery, using wholesome ingredients and provided picture perfect for your birthday, baby shower, wedding, family gathering or other special event.

We’re a family owned and operated business. We have a heart and we care about your cake and its special occasion. As well as being delicious (of course!) our Cairns cakes can be tailored to suit your needs and taste buds, everything from classic sponge with jam and cream, to multi-tiered wedding cake with flowers on top, we do it all.

Joey’s Bakery have been making Cairns cakes for over 15 years. We tailor our services (and your cake) to meet your needs. Everything from plain cakes you can decorate yourself, to fully dressed cake creations, to just the toppers and edible images, allowing you to create your own masterpiece at home.

Celebration Cakes

Everyone loves a celebration and nothing marks a special occasion more than a cake. Joey’s Bakery create all of their cakes with care and attention. We can do it all from simple cupcakes, to traditional sponge cakes, chocolate mud cakes, character cakes and multi-tier cakes. We can provide plain or decorated.

Cake Decorations

Decorations can make or break a cake. For some, cake decoration is an enjoyable process, for others, a nightmarish experience when your baked treat and best intentions don’t quite come together. Joey’s Bakery specialise in cake decorations and toppers, including edible images.

Corporate Cakes

Corporate cakes, what’s that I hear you ask? Corporate cakes are custom-made cakes featuring the logo or brand of the corporation in their decoration. Joey’s Bakery pride themselves on catering to the Cairns corporate cakes market and have delivered everything from traditional ‘slabs’ to cupcakes and more.

We even have DIY kits available that include your cake / cupcake mixture, icing and topper, ready for you to put your creating cap on. Great school holiday idea to keep the kids busy. These can be sent Australia wide.

Running late? No problems, Joey’s Bakery can prepare a cake for you in just a few short hours. For more information on our Cairns cakes, contact Joey’s Bakery today on phone 4035 2244 or email

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